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Would You Date…You?

Would You Date…You?


Have you ever sat and wonder why all your friends seem to find someone worthy of being in their lives, but you seem to be the forever alone friend? You rarely meet anyone that’s interesting, and if you do they never stay in the picture long-term? You feel you have everything going for you, so everyone else must be the problem? In all honesty, knowing how you are would you even date you?…

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Why Are There So Many Thirsty Women With Simple Standards?

Why Are There So Many Thirsty Women With Simple Standards?


 It’s so “cute” how women call men thirsty when they open their mouths to pay them a compliment, but when they see a good-looking man who ain’t bout shit their standards drop and their tongues are left wagging. Yesterday the photo above went viral, and got a lot of crazy reactions from women with the lowest of standards. He may look like a Calvin Klein model but the brotha has a wrap sheet a…

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Downfalls of Losing Yourself In A Relationship

Downfalls of Losing Yourself In A Relationship

woman scratching her head

The one thing that hinders us in life is losing ourselves. The person who you’ve grown to become is now unsure of who she is and her purpose. Now imagine losing yourself while in a relationship. Putting other’s opinions “suggestions” ahead of your own. Allowing their notions about your life, stop you from being who you’ve always been…YOU. It’s so easy to divert from who you are when starting…

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Ask V.I.~ I Lied And Told Him That He Is The Father

Ask V.I.~ I Lied And Told Him That He Is The Father

family walking down the street

Hi V.I.,

I just need to unburden myself to someone. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we have a 9 month old daughter. During our relationship I can admit that I haven’t been very faithful to him. The sex isn’t stimulating to me. He’s a good guy, but when it comes to sex he’s very one-dimensional. So, I started getting it elsewhere. I was doing pretty good until I started feeling sick…

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Ask V.I.~ I’m His Sex Buddy, But Want To Be His Girl

Ask V.I.~ I’m His Sex Buddy, But Want To Be His Girl

woman straddling man

Hi V.I.,

I’ve been messing around with one of my best friends oldest cousin. Its been 2 & half month everything is sooooo perfect,but when something doesn’t go they way I want it to I call my friend. He doesn’t try to cover for him but he always says ” don’t expect so much from him ” so I don’t know!?  We haven’t argued about anything, when I call he comes. Something just doesn’t feel right. He…

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Can Black Women Be Racists?

Can Black Women Be Racists?

unhappy woman

Is it possible for black women to be racists? Some say no, I say bullshit. Some black women can be the most racists people known to man. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit but shit ya’ll know I’m telling the truth. I’ve noticed that when it comes to relationships some sista’s can be downright racists. Are sista’s racists are just fed up? Are black women justified in feeling they way they do? Are…

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